I dreamed a thousand new paths. I woke and walked my old one. Chinese Proverb (via interrialltumbler44)

INSIDE THE LINE (by Bernadette F)
credits to: Emariol tan.
Getting Over Someone Is Not Easy…

It’s not an easy process so if anyone tells you it is, it doesn’t matter how long or how short you lasted, the thing is you were together and there were memories and that makes it hard… It’s usually the small ones that pain the most…

Small but the impact is huge, or the ones you never really thought of and then BANG hehehe it all comes flooding back.. How bout all the hopes for the future you held, it’s hard letting go of all that.. It’s not impossible, its just hard.

You sometimes sit there and all you do is hurt yourself, because the harder you try not to think of it the easier it is to. It sucks also being with someone else, because there is always those familiar traits that the one before had that keeps popping up, like take me for example I had my first kiss with the most recent one and now I can’t kiss anybody honestly… Guys try but my heart hurts and I back up… all you do is get scared, because you knew, you know exactly what happend the last time you went there and you’re still dealing with the aftermath of losing such a precious moment and experience…

My advice is learn… Be strong, not weak. You’re worth more than that… Don’t settle for anything smaller this time around… RESPECT yourself and know that it just wasn’t meant to be and there is someone out there who is MEANT TO love you enough to fight… Someone who will love just as much… Accept what you don’t have and cherish what you do… Even if they are just memories, but do not be held back or down by them. You are more than those memories… You still have a future, with you happy in it.

Love is still there… In you ~smiles~ you’ll get over him… Don’t worry, it feels like it’s impossible, but it is possible… Eventually one day you will stop thinking about the memories.. Eventually you’ll be surprised at the fact that you don’t jump at the mention or sight of him… Eventually you will feel love and you will strugle to remember him… How it was and how it isn’t… It’s not easy… It’s doable!

  • RAIN.RAIN Go Away. Come Again Another Day. :)

  • HE is bad boy with a tainted┬áheart.

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I’m single not because I don’t pray for love. I’m single because I don’t play with love!

“Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray”
So here’s to 2012, a new year, a fresh start, a chance to be happy♥


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